[Acknowledgements/acknowledgments of/for/∅ human rights] and [Human Rights acknowledgments/acknowledgements]

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For all the humans there is each an acknowledgment/acknowledgement for and of the human rights currently in the form

Date of creation. Number of ∈ {1, … max}. Human [characteristics/specifications/parameters]

Because we're all born free and equal in our rights and dignity.

Because I am endowed with reason and conscience and Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights expresses it as mandatory to act towards one another in at least a spirit of friendship:

Are the acknowledgements/acknowledgments per default valid for all human beings / humans

who did not lose their humanity.

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    Number of acknowledgements: — "All humans on earth", The number assumed to contain all humans on earth.

    Human Rights:

    • // Constitutions in the order of the implementation of human rights, best to worst